The real UP house, Harry and the Henderson’s house & Grey’s Anatomy house


Did you know there is a real Up house? No I’m not talking about the one I visited in Utah that is identical to the Disney movie Up. (You check that out here —> Disney Up house)

I’m talking about that one that inspired the entire movie! An actual person who refused to move and the corporations built around it! And while I didn’t get to see it in its heyday, it was still a sight to see.

The little house has been stripped of everything on the outside, I think to keep people from noticing it, not that it’s working. There were plenty of people just like me taking pictures of the rebel house.

Here’s a view you don’t see every day. A gym right next to a house!

Becoming obsessed with all rebellious things I did find this article that tells a bit more about the story.


And of course you can’t visit Seattle without checking out the infamous Grey’s Anatomy house!

This is actually the side door and not the front. So if you ever visit, look for the stairs.

And last but not least Harry and the Henderson’s house. The house that Sasquatch called home. Which by the way I never saw one my entire trip and it’s not from the lack of looking.

That is a beautiful tree that hides this house so people won’t take pictures in front of it

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